Custom Stained Glass

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From the Medieval to the Contemporary

Designs to Coordinate With Any Style or Architecture

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Providing Various Styles & Traditions Of Stained Glass

LaRanger Studio, Inc.
LaRanger Studio, Inc.

The LaRangers create custom stained glass, specializing in architectural glass for homes, offices, churches, synagogues, and museum-quality restorations. Their work is unique to each client, and they blend the various styles and traditions of stained glass with their ideas for a truly new approach to the art of stained glass. Modern, contemporary, traditional, craftsman, period pieces, abstract, realism…they can go in any direction with glass to complement each space's architectural and interior design components. Privacy concerns are solved while maintaining the light through glass choices with texture and tints. Their traditional leaded glass panels can be installed against the thermal pane to preserve the thermal barrier and the beauty of the glass, as you see the leaded glass, not the glass sandwiched inside the thermal pane.